︎ Project: Remo Website App for the Netflix Adobe Creative Jam 2020 

︎ UX/UI 

︎ Jiayi Ma and Jay Li

︎ Concept: Remo⁠—derived from remote⁠—serves to REcapture lost MOments by enhancing the experience of watching shows and movies together virtually. The web app addresses the critical need to connect and share on varying levels of community through three main features: rePlug, Parties, and moFeeds.

︎ Challenge: By focusing on how Netflix invests in creating and giving a platform to stories that connect people and cultures around the world.  Design a third-party-website where communities can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences. 

︎ Part 1: Research

︎ Part 2:
User testing and Wireframing
︎ Part 3: Prototyping and Testing

 ︎ Part 4: Clickable Final Prototype